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Lal Kitab Samrat - Shri Kamal Kishore

Lal Kitab Jyotish Karyalya is your one-stop shop for remedies for all your problems. Headed by Mr Kamal Kishore, a known and renowned astrologer with an experience of more than 20 years, he recommends sure remedies that are based on your horoscope. Having solved problems of people when they seemed unsolvable, Mr Kishore has made a name for himself by incorporating the famed knowledge of Lal Kitab. No wonder, Mr Kishore is also the face of Sadhna Channel and Total TV.

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With Mr Kamal Kishore, you get guaranteed and well-studied remedies to cure your problems. There are many practitioners of Lal Kitab, but he stands out due to his in-depth knowledge of Lal Kitab and correct procedures to rectify problems.

Besides, Mr Kamal Kishore is also an expert in recommending celebrity remedies due to his vast experience and knack of telling precise rectifications. Mr Kishore’s remedies are based purely on the horoscope of the person. Mr Kishore is a specialist in creating varshfals for his clients. Due to this, he is able to read into the future and avert the problems by recommending suitable remedies.

Mr Kishore provides accurate remedies for people with problems in their horoscope. Some of the common problems come when people have following combinations in their horoscopes:

  • Rahu + Chandra or Surya
  • Ketu + Surya or Chandra
  • Chandra + Shani

Mr Kamal Kishore also offers accurate and guaranteed remedies for Mangliks.

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