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My Lal Kitab Upay
My Lal Kitab Upay
My Lal Kitab Upay
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My Lal Kitab Upay


Lal Kitab Upay

Lal Kitab Upay

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My Lal Kitab Upay

New Site Coming up

Date : January 07, 2009
Lal Kitab Jyotish Karyalaya has decided to change the design and structure of the Website in feel and look. This change will be incorporated in few days time only.


Date : April 20, 2008
Excerpts of Lal Kitab Samrat Sri Kamal Kishore Ji from his speeches and TV shows, that is important for people in general :

Astrology is not a profession Its an Art

Please dont ditch innocent people

Horoscope is responsible of you & you are responsible for your horoscope.

Remedies Lal Kitab corrects your horoscope defeats.

Dont insult Lal Kitab unless you know its art.

Lal Kitab believes in practical and showmanship is far away.

After following the Remedies of Lal Kitab never be proud in life, be humble.

Lal Kitab always gives health, wealth and prosperity.

The cost and expenses for the remedies can be borne by one and all.

Lal Kitab Astrologer



Lal Kitab Upay
Lal Kitab Upay
Lal Kitab Upay
Lal Kitab Upay
Lal Kitab Upay
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