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Lal Kitab Remedies For - Grah Dosh

Many people are born with many birth chart defects (Kundali dosh), like Kalsarp dosh, Mangalic Dosh, match making dosh and many other related issues. Do not get trapped by anyone and do not loose heart. These defects can be cured by simple & cost effective Lal kitab remedies.

Lal kitab Remedies (Upay) removes all the hurdles of your life and provides you with all what is best for you in your life.

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Grah dosh is something that is difficult to measure and claim. It is nothing but wrong placement of your planets based on your place and time of birth. You need to have faith in the astrologer to know if he is telling you right or exploiting you. Kamal Kishore ji gives remedies based on every individual's planet's positions at that point in time. In fact he offers Yearly Varsh Fal for everyone seeking his expertise for their problems. According to him no two person's are same as their are multiple factors deciding his or her fate.

Kamal ji identifies Grah dosh and it's duration from the person's kundali and gives remedies based upon that. He has a system to verify if your kundali is made correctly or not. Remedies may not work if the basic data given is wrong or incorrect. He therefore makes it a point to re-verify things before offering any solutions. Red book has many remedies and every one has their own interpretations for them. Kamal ji is the one who successfully applies it to benefit people, because he knows the trick of the trade.

Remedies from lal kitab helps you to tide away your difficult times, just like you walk with an umbrella in hot sun.

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